Jun 6, 2013
Alex Dally MacFarlane

Aliens! in bookstores!

Ahead of its official release date later this month (17 June is the date on the publisher’s website), print copies of my anthology Aliens: Recent Encounters have been sighted in the wild. Look! Look what I saw!


I may have held it for a while. (I assume this is pretty normal for anyone who finds their book in a bookstore. In this case, Barnes & Noble in Dallas. I may spend the rest of my US trip looking in bookstores for it. Faint whispers of “My precioussss” from SFF aisles.)

You can already order print copies from Book Depository and the other usual online places, as well as any bookstore that’s got it out on the shelves already. A decent number of Prime Books anthologies wind up in the UK, so keep an eye on Waterstones and Forbidden Planet! You can, of course, request that they order a copy if you can’t find one. There will be e-books available from Weightless Books, Kindle, etc, but they tend to come out on time rather than early.

A reminder of the Table of Contents, which contains awesome authors like Ursula K Le Guin, Catherynne M Valente, Nancy Kress, Genevieve Valentine, Ken Liu, Yoon Ha Lee, Zen Cho, Lavie Tidhar, Vandana Singh, Sonya Taaffe and many many more.

All sales, reviews, word-of-mouth spread are hugely appreciated. The more this anthology sells, the more chance I have of getting to edit anthologies on a regular basis. (Of course, I already have the The Mammoth Book of SF by Women gig, which remains hugely exciting, but I’d love to do even more than these two. I have plans and dreams for future anthologies.)

Today I’m over at SF Signal being interviewed about the anthology and my own writing. There’s another interview about the anthology to come elsewhere, and if anyone else wants to interview me, I would love that.

On the subject of my own fiction, I’m also on Book Smugglers, in a roundtable about SF and gender with several other authors talking about our stories in the anthology The Other Half of the Sky. Check it out!

Now I need to get back to my final MA essays, which are hard to concentrate on when I keep thinking about how my anthology is on shelves! where people can buy it! and hopefully are!


  • Congratulations on the release of “Aliens”! :) I can’t wait to get me a copy of this anthology and start reading it. And I am definitely looking forward to “The Mammoth Book of SF by Women”. Until then, I enjoyed a lot your interview with SF Signal and the roundtable on Book Smugglers.

  • […] Aliens: Recent Encounters has been sighted in bookshops! Editor Alex Dally MacFarlane reports. Aliens contains my story The Five Generations of Chang E, which — considering it also features Le Guin, Ken Liu, Yoon Ha Lee, Lavie Tidhar, Sofia Samatar, Nisi Shawl, etc etc etc — is the least of its attractions. Table of Contents here; info on how to get a copy in Alex’s post. […]

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