Oct 21, 2013
Alex Dally MacFarlane

CALL FOR REPRINT SUBMISSIONS: Mammoth Book of SF Stories by Women

Announcing an open call for reprint submissions for my next anthology, The Mammoth Book of SF Stories by Women, to be published in late 2014 by Running Press (USA/Canada) and Constable & Robinson (UK). Its bite-size summary: “an anthology of powerful, important science fiction stories by women, showcasing the unforgettable contributions made to the genre in recent decades.”


Genre: Science fiction.
Word count: Up to 10,000 words.
Publication history: Must be previously published, from around 1980 onwards, and available for reprint in late 2014.
Multiple submissions: Up to 3 stories.
Payment: 2c/word (USD) on publication in late 2014, plus contributor copies.
Deadline: 30 November 2013. I will respond by the end of January 2014.
Submit to: alexmacfarlane [at] gmail [dot] com — put MAMMOTH WOMEN in the subject line.
Important: I am only interested in stories written by women.


I take a very broad definition of ‘science fiction’. If you feel that your work is at the boundary between science fiction and literary/historical/fantasy/other genres, please send it to me. (If you know that your work is, say, a secondary world fantasy about elves or a contemporary fantasy about vampires, please don’t waste my time.)

I want the anthology to encompass the full range of the world’s women, in the authors and in their stories. I welcome submissions from all women: women of all cultural and linguistic backgrounds, women of all countries, women of all religions, women of all sexualities, trans and cis and genderfluid women, women of all abilities, women of all classes.

Stories do not require a specifically feminist or female-centric approach. I am simply interested in excellent science fiction written by women. However, stories that contain sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, cissexist, ableist and other -ist/hateful/hurtful elements that go unquestioned by the narrative will not be accepted.

Some particular areas of interest:
– the role of women in science in the past, present and future around the world (eg: Sofia Samatar’s “Girl Hours”)
– gender that goes beyond the binary
– futures rooted in the cultural breadth of the present
– science, space, wonder
– large stakes/scope, personal stories, everything in-between
– beautiful prose, non-linear and experimental narratives

This is not a conclusive list. If you have a science fiction story that does completely different things, please send it to me. Surprise me. Delight me. I want the anthology to encompass a wide range of approaches to and interpretations of the genre.

Stories need not be in SFWA “pro” markets. Authors need not be widely published. I intend to include major authors and authors who should be major. That could be you. Please send me your work.

It does not matter if the story is still available online.


I also welcome recommendations. Got favourite SF stories by women that you think I must read? Please let me know. If you’re able to provide a link to the story, even better.

Editors and publishers, I would love to read your authors’ stories. If you’re able to provide an epub/mobi/PDF of your anthologies/collections/magazines, I would be delighted to read them. I’m happy to look at print copies too.

Please put MAMMOTH WOMEN in the subject line of all emails, whether submissions, recommendations or queries. Thank you!


  • Hey, I’m working on it ;)

    See you!


  • Will you be considering flash fiction?

    – Keyan

    • I will.

  • Where do we send submissions, please?

    • As attachments to alexmacfarlane [at] gmail [dot] com

  • May we send multiple stories?

  • Sorry about that–just reread the guidelines & saw “up to 3.”

  • Any thoughts on format? Single/double spaced? Fonts? Size? Or does that get worked out if a story is accepted? And thanks for providing an amazing opportunity!

    • Standard manuscript format is fine! I’ll just ctrl+A and change anything that’s unreadable, as well as anything that needs to be changed for the publisher with the accepted manuscripts.

  • In an effort not to send you things you aren’t interested in… Are you looking for just straight-genre science fiction or would science fiction with a romance or erotic co-plot be of any interest to you? I’ve already pulled two of my straight genre works out of the files for submission, but I hesitate to pass this along or to offer any of my cross-genre works without knowing your aim/vision. Thanks in advance.


    • I’m not averse to romance or sexual content, although a story that’s focused on the erotica would not be a fit. Hope that helps!

  • […] The Mammoth Book of SF Stories by Women is to be an anthology of reprints of science fiction stories written by women only. The anthology will be published by Running Press in the US and Constable & Robinson in the UK. Submissions must be previously published, and must be legally available for reprint in late 2014. Stories that are available online are acceptable to submit. […]

  • Is the upper limit of 10K firm as the max you want to see. or is that the max word number you’ll pay for? I have one that’s 13K. (I have some others that fall within the guidelines, but this one I’d like to send even if the payment didn’t apply to the last 3K words.)

    • I’ll pay for every word and I’ll look at things over 10k, but the likelihood I’ll be able to fit it in the anthology falls quite drastically, hence the limit.

  • Just wanted to let you know that a story I submitted is live today in “The Moon” Magazine, http://moonmagazine.org/robin-kirk-the-dark-army-2013-11-02/

  • I do hope you will consider stories on the lighter side. I just sent you two, both of which incorporate humorous elements. My philosophy is that anything that makes you laugh or smile – as long as it’s not at someone else’s expense – can’t be all that bad.

  • I will be submitting a previously published story, but I have reworked it a bit since it was published. Would this be a problem?

    Thanks in advance for your reply!

    • That will be fine.

  • I have five stories which might be suitable, so I have to chose. If a story’s already been in several anthologies, is that a plus (‘cos lots of people like it) or a minus (‘cos lots of people have already read it)? And does it make a difference if one of those anthology sales was to the Mammoth Book of Time Travel SF (by Robinson Books)?

    Thanks in advance for your time.

    • Pick the ones that you think are your strongest, most exciting pieces, regardless of what other people have thought of them.

      • Will do, thanks.

      • If I send you three stories, do you want them in three separate emails or all together?

        • I prefer them in one email, but I’m not bothered if they’re in separate emails.

  • Alex, I was wondering if you let writers who submit stories know that you’ve received them. I know other prose outlets do that, but I hadn’t heard from you about two stories I submitted on 11/8. My stories were the “Ad Astra Travel Agency” and “Mr. Silky.”

    • I am not confirming receipt. (However, I do see your name in my inbox.)

  • Are you considering stories previously printed in another language than English?

    • Yes.

  • Would you consider very short flash fiction of one or two paragraphs? And if so, can I send more than the 3-story limit since I have 4 or 5 of these?

    • I suspect those would be too short for me.

  • Out of curiosity, would you ever consider doing a Mammoth Book of Fantasy Stories by Women if the opportunity arose?

  • Sorry, I save this call then forgot about it. Are you still accepting stories? I have one called “Sweetheart” published originally in IAMFSF, now in a collection. probably considered magic realism, Latina. Interested?

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