Aug 30, 2015
Alex Dally MacFarlane

“how can I escape it”

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Alice Sheldon’s birth, Twelfth Planet Press has released Letters to Tiptree eds. Alexandra Pierce & Alisa Krasnostein. In it I have a tiny piece, a paragraph more than a letter, called “how can I escape it”. I’ve written about James Tiptree Jr. before and here I’m writing again, about questions without easy answers.

I’ve dipped into the book and some of the letters are so very personal, so very direct, that it’s an– I don’t know. I don’t have a personal connection to Tiptree or Tiptree’s fiction and I don’t have a letter I would write — I might ask for the answer if I thought there was one — but I live in the present-day conversations about Tiptree, Sheldon, gender, identity. That’s what I wrote “how can I escape it” in, to, for.

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