Apr 23, 2016
Alex Dally MacFarlane


My short story Pocket Atlas of Planets published in Interfictions Online is on the Long List for the James Tiptree Jr. Award of 2015, which honours the exploration and expansion of gender in SFF. It’s a tremendous honour and I’m very pleased.

My new short story “Two Bright Venuses” was published in Clockwork Phoenix 5 earlier this year. A.C. Wise reviewed it as part of their Non-Binary Authors to Read blog series, saying: “This is the kind of story that slips between the cracks of genre, straddling and blurring the line between science fiction and weird fiction. It is both a tale of space exploration, and a tale of ghosts, as the planet Venus reaches out to overwrite the astronauts trying to understand it. … The story is richer for making readers pay close attention and work to understand the shape the of the world. Haunted and haunting, it is an excellent starting place for MacFarlane’s work.” I can’t imagine a better review!

Fittingly, as it was an article about translation, my “Translating Gender: Ancillary Justice in Five Languages” has been translated into Japanese on the publisher’s website and into Spanish, with an additional interview with Spanish translator Victoria Morera by Manuel de los Reyes, in SuperSonic Magazine.

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