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Alex Dally MacFarlane is a writer, editor and historian. When not translating from Classical Armenian or researching narrative maps in the legendary traditions of Alexander III of Macedon, Alex writes stories, found in Clarkesworld Magazine, Phantasm Japan, Solaris Rising 3, Gigantic Worlds and The Year’s Best Science Fiction & Fantasy: 2014. Alex is the editor of Aliens: Recent Encounters (2013) and The Mammoth Book of SF Stories by Women (2014), and in 2015 joined Sofia Samatar as co-editor of non-fiction and poetry for Interfictions Online. Questions of gender are vital to Alex in science fiction and history, particularly the relationship of both with each other and the present. Alex has written about post-binary gender in SF for Tor.com and in an increasing amount of fiction. Follow @foxvertebrae on Twitter for more.


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"...the 33 stories that MacFarlane has gathered for this volume dazzle with the virtuosity of their contributors’ talents."

- Publishers Weekly: STARRED REVIEW

"Works from around the world, some in translation, provide an invaluable snapshot of this moment in the genre as well as some tremendously enjoyable reading."

- Publishers Weekly: Best Books of 2014

"The stories range widely in scope and form — from prose poems to metafiction — to capture a dynamic, forward-thinking genre that plays with history, myth and science."

- The Washington Post: Think science fiction is dominated by men? Think again.

"...ground-breaking and superbly conceived..."

- Nina Allan: Strange Horizons: 2014 In Review

Aliens: Recent Encounters

"...this [anthology] blew us away more than any other. Mostly because of the sheer volume of greatness contained in these 32 stories... These are classic stories of alien encounters, from some of the best science fiction writers working today."

- io9.com Best Books of 2013

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